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Vector website icon 2.0


File Style: EPS format Keyword: pages vector, close, open letter to New enlarged, heart-shaped, pencil symbol, 3D villain,  Statistics, arrow to open, the plus minus checkmark button to watch the clock time folder refresh question mark dialog Vector …

Architectural theme icon vector material

File Style: EPS format Keywords: building a house on site park buildings excavator bulldozer forklift small house brick turned around roadblocks maintenance crane dump truck large truck traffic cones demolition Chai Fangzi helmets framework spade switch pipe tool sand cement pillars concrete Vector …

Green Vector Icons


File Style: EPS format Keywords: green, environment, carbon, icon, Recycling, Earth, leaves,  ladybug, lamp, tree, car, butterfly, solar, water, droplets, bubble, flowers, Vector, pencil, trees, birds, leaves, leaves …

Simple black and white Icon Vector


File Style: EPS format Keyword: Simple Internet financial audio media music environment buttons Vector little house magnifying glass arrow star star checkmark wrong comment gesture user roles envelope bin download signal dollar signs in the network graph umbrella aircraft money to pay music notes player ear MP3 volume multimedia camera microphone laptop power supply satellite […]

Exquisite icon vector material


File Style: EPS format Keyword: icon folder, briefcase document Notepad, document arrow Toolbox Paint wrench box program diskette storage, printer magnifying, glass symbol hard disk listed pirate flag locks Earth phone notes sphere earth key player to stop fast-forward multimedia camera speaker telescope magician hat and sunglasses shield basket waste basket portraits men women police […]

Department of Finance – topic icon vector


File Style: EPS format Keyword: safe gold bullion wallet computer phone headset gift hourglass calendar newspapers check coins briefcase money magazine books, office icon newspapers coffee Vector Press news…